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Well... as you can see, this is my first video so... i would like you to enjoy it and leave a comment:)

martes, 2 de octubre de 2007

My favorite country!

My favorite country is Argentina!!
I like everything from Argentina, first of all, the people has a special charisma that indeed give the welcome to anybody! The women are beautiful just like venezuela, the weather is very different in every places of argentina, starting from the warm whather of some cities or the cold of other places... Argentina is my second favorite country because i live in Venezuela but... i'll love to visit Argentina One day

My favorite place in Venezuela

My favorite place in Venezuela is Merida.
Despite Maracaibo, Merida has a fresher weather, so there isn’t as hot as Maracaibo, so it’s really better to live.
It has so much trees and flowers typically from a cold weather.
There is also something that I really like, every morning, the cold air descends and create water that rolls on the leafs in drips that moves slowly till they drop from the edge and ends on the floor.

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2007

1ra vez

Bienvenidos a mi blogger / Welcome to my blogger
esta libre de hacer lo q le de la gana / you are free to do what you want
pero deje un mensaje:P / but leave the message